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Nov 3, 2012 10:00pm EDT
in this epic environment. if you show examples of this, think that is what moves it forward. >> host: how much would be the tuition? >> guest: the tuition -- >> host: looking at avenues in new york $40,000 a child? without this book in addition, a lot of marketing. >> guest: the money is fascinating. education, someone asked me recently have you ever spent to much on education and is such an important thing. to spend that much money you have to think seriously about how you spend it. i have met with officials about this and at at that a public level, regardless of the school i would say how much would you spend per pupil per year? a private school, some of them 25,000, 30,000, 40,000 year and you asked the public school, it goes down to five or $6000 a year but on the east coast, 10 or 15,000, cambridge massachusetts $25,000 per year per student. what is your average and they will say some number in between. private schools are charging 30,000 year and that's 20 students, that $600,000 per classroom. what is strictly impacting the student, the teacher, the classroom or the t
Nov 4, 2012 11:00am EST
you think about that, the implication for candy at the time work environments. he was having a hard enough time getting legislation then. if he was further weakened by this perceived failure, he would not cut difficulty to 1963 and especially in the 1964 election. it is a vested interest in getting this program passed by sending off these attacks. possibly he wouldn't have had political capital to do things at the american university speech. he might not have the political capital to get the treaty through. so there's very practical reasons why he wanted to control the message, why he wanted to deflect the attacks going on during this period. post i want to challenge you on one day we read about on the domestic political angle, which is the pretty much escapade jfk from the charges domestic politics influence his actions and crisis. it is clear he had an interesting not providing the opening tip given in to nuclear blackmail, that he had appeased these others. do you believe that domestic article concerns were influenced in jfk's decision-making? i'll just give one common example, t
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
who is the breadwinner is the optimum way, the optimum environment on average in which to raise children speech you in america. other countries have, but perfectly viable of the models, like swedish couples, european progress of couples don't really get married, but they stick together. >> host: they actually don't. unmarried couples sit together on average for a less long amount of time. >> guest: in america because we like marriage. we have what is called a marriage go around. it's not as simple as your saying. the most interesting but some marriages a culture that is obsessed with marriage is also always in the marriage. we have a very turnaround culture if you're not rich where stability of unions in america is related to the marriage, but in other countries it's not really. >> host: where does all this leave children? >> guest: you know, but not -- it depends which children. the children of the elites now, which is a see lots defined as college-educated, i think, in a pretty good time. we are in a time in which children pay a lot. some might say an excessive amount of atten
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3